The force has awoken the whole world this weekend. I am still feeling overwhelmed with SW:TFA and already planning to see it again soon. I felt this is a perfect movie for those waiting for a sequel for thirty years and for first-timers alike, enjoyed every bit of it and am eager for more!

I’ve watched the movie with a clean slate free of expectations, no prior judgement based on teasers, only the other Star War movies which proved they can go either way [that is great or absolutely horrible]. I also had no idea who the new characters were or that they had a major role in the movie, I got lucky not to come across any spoilers. *hears Obi Wan Kenobi say there is no such thing as luck…*

Let’s get right to it.


First and foremost, the cinematography is top notch, I watched it in 3D and it just shows that Star Wars is meant to be made in the 21st century.


The new characters have short very cool names: Finn, Po, Rey, Kylo.

They are extremely lovable and interesting to explore. Using a stormtrooper as one of the main characters is genius, its a fresh POV. Initially I believed Finn was a member of the resistance under cover as a stormtrooper. I loved how he immediately bonded with another charismatic new character, Po, and carried out his mission.This shows how he is innately a good guy despite wanting to escape countless times.

Now my new favourite character (after Ben Kenobi) would be our heroine, Rey. She is badass yet adorable and genuine, very clever, and determined. I like when people are honest and despite their living situation, they have principles, stand up for the weak, she is really admirable, and the actress did a great job! The actress reminds me of Keira Knightley a little.

They introduced Kylo Ren (aka Ben Solo) the evil son of Han Solo and Princ.. er General Leia. He reminds me of Loki from Thor, how he is not just completely evil, he is a work in progress kind of villain, lost and struggling to find his place between the light and dark sides, a little unconfident quite different from Darth Vader whom would choke his peers for no reason, Kylo Ren is not there yet, he throws tantrums on machines just to let out his frustrations. He is very messed up in the head, I want know why and why does he idolise Darth Vader (but please without having to make 3 movies about his backstory). I was moved when I heard Han Solo call him ‘Ben’ and although I saw it coming, that scene on the bridge gave us a reason to love to hate Kylo Ren.


Nostalgia is strong with this one. The old grown up Han Solo/Chewie/Leia/Luke, Millennium Falcon, traveling through hyperspace, gigantic death star, Darth Vader’s burnt mask, and many more references. The story itself is a reference with the droid having a message stored within it, with Kylo Ren’s journey to the dark side, how to destroy the big death star… And on a non-Star Wars throw back, Rey reminded me of Nausicaa for some reason, maybe because she is a strong female character in a desert environment with a levitating vehicle.


Its action-packed, its got something new and something old, it has drama that tear your eyes and make you get attached with the new characters, and with all that it managed not to forget to include comedy. There are many visual jokes like when BB8 does the thumbs up with the lighter, and how Rey chased Finn and appeared in front of him to knock him out, the whole running around in the Millennium Falcon from the octopus-like creatures and the character’s reactions. I also laughed when Han referenced the garbage compactor.


I feel its safe to assume that Rey is Luke’s daughter. Proof: she is a jedi that is strong with the force, the lightsaber spoke to her and caused vision of Luke storing the map into R2D2 and the young version of herself abandoned in a desert planet much like the one her father was abandoned in and where her grandfather was raised. She is tech-savvy much like her father and grandfather. She clicked with Han Solo like teenage Luke did. Also wasn’t Luke the last remaining Jedi, until he discovered he had a twin sister to continue the Skywalker jedi linage? So yeah I guess they didn’t say it up front, but rather showed it with plenty evidence.

Now she must be trained by her father to restore peace to the galaxy while her cousin is trained by Snoke. We still don’t know what happened between Luke and his nephew, but as a result of it Kylo flipped out and decided to follow the footsteps of his grandfather, so they are going to reveal this subplot as it is the driving motive for Kylo’s switch to the dark side. If history is any indicator, the switch usually happens for the loss of a loved one, but who?

Furthermore, there needs to be another new threat to the galaxy, more than creating planet-destructing weapons built with major weak points. Not to mention, they need a better army, without free will to make decisions like Finn does, whom I believe Kylo and his supreme master Snoke will use as a way to defeat Rey and Luke.

I didn’t intend to type an insanely long post, and oddly, I feel like there are so much more to discuss. This was such a great movie, and amazing experience, I can’t recommend it enough.

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