The Good Dinosaur

I’ve been putting off writing about The Good Dinosaur for a while, so I’m making lists of what I liked and what I didn’t like about the movie.

What I liked was:

  • It it a story any child would relate to, and any adult that remembers what’s it like to be a child, from his fears and how to overcome them, to how he’s compared to the rest of his family members, and how naive the main character is.
  • The human boy was so cute. I was convinced to have a cute pet human boy. Its funny how the roles are reversed here, how the kid is fearless and loyal.
  • The scenes with the father made me tear.
  • The beautiful scenery, the scenery was very realistic.
  • It is a coming of age dinosaur movie, the main character went through a lot and literally grew up within the course of one movie.

What I didn’t like is:

  • the character designs of the dinosaurs are uninspired. I could not take them seriously at times.
  • the boy pretty much acted like a dog, it would’ve been more interesting if there were scenes where the boy was human.
  • Why do dinosaurs have southern accents? These little additions that seem to me are picked for the sake of being unique backfired in my perspective, they were off putting.
  • Some parts felt like I was watching the Lion King, only not as great, the movie is forgettable.
  • I don’t feel it is as creative as other Pixar movies.
  • It needed more humor, and charismatic characters.

I don’t regret going to The Good Dinosaur, but I don’t recommend it to everyone.


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