The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Review

The Hunger Games tetralogy has come to an end. As a fan of dystopian genre, the first movie blew my mind away. It had amazing actors, a new idea executed very well, and great cinematography/special effects. I couldn’t wait to see the next movie, which had the same elements and continued the storyline well. Now the third and fourth movies were based on one book, it showed and it was unnecessary.

There were many scenes that were just Katnis reacting emotionlessly to things, which as much as I love Jennifer Lawrence is a bit draggy and felt like filler. There was a scene with zombies/mutants that felt like I was watching a different movie too (even the Maze Runner added fast zombies in their second movie, is it a YA dystopian movie trend?). The extended ending the one after all the problems were resolved was like a fanfiction of how our beloved characters ended up. It felt weird and awkward. I am not sure if that problem originated from the books or it was a movie descision.

And finally to me personally the ending was expected (the real ending not the extended version). Maybe it was because I watch too many movies or grew up watching anime, having a character with an agenda that of a pure villain isn’t a plot twist to me. I get it they were trying to be poetic with people not changing after the hunger games, but it wasn’t new and thats what I liked about the first movie, it was something new to me.

The movie wasn’t as disappointing as I made it out to sound, I just was a little let down as a fan of the first movies. The ending wasn’t satisfying enough.

||||| 1 I Like It! |||||