Past Movie Reviews

I stopped writing my impressions of the past few movies, so in order to get this list going, I decided to group them all in one post (Ant Man, Pixels, The Martian, Pan, Inside Out, Hotel Transylvania 2).

Ant Man


Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite Marvel movie followed by Iron Man for an obvious reason, they’re both fun superhero movies! Ant Man has a similar comedic atmosphere, it’s light hearted, and like Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr, Paul Rudd is a charismatic leading man. What I love about Ant Man are all the scenes where he grows and shrinks, and how the villain is ridiculed and not taken seriously.


Pixels took something awesome and nostalgic, which are all the 80s video games and playing in an arcade, and butchered everything with the stupidest script ever. I just wonder how Nintendo let them use their precious characters like that. Honestly, I couldn’t even continue watching the entire movie.
The Martian


Think Cast Away, but instead of the lead being stranded alone on an Island, he’s stranded alone on Mars. Matt Damon’s character is very admirable, he’s high spirited and upbeat even when things are going south. I liked the whole scientific parts of the movie, it’s like watching a documentary. I even read that some people believed it was in fact a real story. Yup, it was very convincing. The ending though had some scenes that were not necessary and over the top. Overall, it’s one of the top movies of the year.


Pan made me feel nostalgic, its plot and characters felt like adventure anime from the 90s. If you want to enjoy this movie, you have to take off your adult hat and watch it in the mindset of a child. The cinematography is mesmerizing there’s no question about it. The casting of the characters other than Pan himself was terrible though. Captain Hook felt like Indiana Jones, and I don’t understand why Tiger Lily the Native American girl has to be a white woman, and Hook’s love interest, and Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard was not a cool villain! [SPOILER ALERT] There was this part where Pan became in Avatar-state, even though everything he did didn’t really require him in the first place.[/SPOILER] Despite all that, I did enjoy the movie for what it is, a magical adventure family movie.
Inside Out


Pixar are magicians. This movie is epic I’ve seen it twice. It’s more enjoyable for adults than for kids because some concepts are more complicated to children. The Office with Parks and Recreation’s cast voice act in this movie and they did a fantastic job. I recommend it to everyone with an imagination and love to analyze and understand feelings.
Hotel Transylvania 2


Just like other Adam Sandler movies, I feel the script is weak. This movie felt okay if it were watched on TV, or if it was simply an episode in a Hotel Transylvania cartoon, not good enough to be on it’s own. It was very Loony Toons for me, but I have to admit the grandchild is freaking adorable.
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