Comic Con 2013 & Guestbook!!

My first exhibition at the Middle East Film and Comic Con went very well, el7amdillah❤

Participating at the artist alley differs from being a visitor. When you are a visitor you get to roam around freely checking out all the products, workshops, and enjoy many activities at the con. When you are a solo artist at the Artist Alley you do not have the luxury of leaving your booth freely, so be warned, you will miss many things including the works of the colleagues you have been sitting next to for 24 hours! Nevertheless, the joy of seeing other people purchasing your works or simply impressed by them makes it all worthwhile.

The reactions of the Big Bang Theory fans seeing my TBBT fan art was hilarious. “Bazinga!” or “OMG, the big bang theory!” Both kids and adults passing by gave extreme reactions that made me fangirl with them. Even though it was not my favorite show, I think just sharing a fandom with other friendly convention goers is fun. I did get some kids fanning over Mario, and even more over the Nightmare Before Christmas fanart. Made me proud of the kids of this generation to know it, haha.

I met so many extremely friendly people! Starting with the artists that I knew online but never met in real life, to others I had the pleasure to meet for the first time there. And of course, always awesome to meet my adorable supportive friends whom I so love and adore<3

Here are the awesome guestbook drawings/signatures drawn by the people that passed by my table. If you know any of the unknown guests please let me know so I can mention them.


My awesome friend @moony01 has been there from the very start, extremely supportive and lovable girl! She is also my manager and Abu Dhabi tour guide XD

@hussasea helped a lot in setting up even though she couldn’t attend the con, love you hussa!!


@k_nai drew a super cute girl & even sticked a Binar Sticker as a bonus! Happiness<3 Loved her & her sis XD


This is by a very adorable little girl, i wanna adopt her and her sister<333


@otakunemika ‘s sister drew this super hot stick figure guy sleeping, i requested a blanket and a pillow addition XD Dee you’re awesome. XD


@samblue drew his wanderer OC it is cute with the floating creature! XD


My first sketchbook customer @Pa7nass she drew her sister


@onitohru is awesome she drew this super cute drawing<3 guessing you from “a person who draws lots of sketchs” is a long long shot XD


I love his cool face and all your drawings my buddy @murky_spectrum<3 *fist bump* XD


Gotta love @_riimu she is cute and draws so very cutely to boot!!


Cute drawing by a random passerby XD


Looool i requested a hand with a foot attached to it from the awesome @awrugro it turned out creepier than i imagined looool the dude reacting is epic XD


My first customer at the con was extremely supportive and loved kabamaru XD ya7lailha wayed shaje3atni and was a postive start for the con<3


Lambo-san kawaii!


Enios mangaka @Aizmov signing my sketchbook!


@xahari is adorable with all the cute chibis XD Sorry mo wa’67a el pic ;v;


@Light_san drew this when I wasn’t there XD was happy seeing it!


@msh_aj from ENIOS signed too in return of signing their manga’s poster yay XD


@maryamodi is adorable as a button!!!


@nofinito helped me at watching the table on the second day its very sweet


@Killua_zoldick mafahamt sheno 9ayer bes in any case glad I got a drawing from killua from @gatheringpoint table XD


@tantrumz is such a cute and lovable person! She is the mangaka of “Ayam Lawl” from talented group @group_a6yaf <3

@hanna_san is another cutie member of @group_a6yaf she is the mangaka of “Shamma”<3

The talented photographer and Karak enthusiast @sbawazir XD


@shaimaalmalik is adorable and her merchandise-ful booth puts all to shame XD She was across from me & my family loved buying her work XD


Cool shades guy by unknown artist but the style feels familiar…


Adventure time with Fin and Jake along with peace loving children<3


@queenshoosh ‘s sweet and fun as her curly haired OC, had fun chatting with you shoosh!


@mikazou drew a masterpeice wo my camera killed the drawing its fabulous<333


@hashimoto_q8 ‘s dishdasha-man flying to the rescue XD


@puffybun drew her adorable OC, she carried her doll around and had cute fingernails XD You are like a cute manga character yourself @puffybun XD


@dody_rowdy is so sweet, drew two drawings of her OC one in her signature black paper.


@aishaali_alj and her friends need to get a booth next year, they are so very talented!


@A_bk is a fellow leo! Her style reminded me of @light_san somehow


@oshiistar drew a cool guy directly with ink, mashallah!


At the end of the con ekhtemat my guestbook the so very sweet and talented artist @R_007 look how adorable her OC Fenyan looks with his googly eyes. Loved all the girls in my alley really + a6yaf & iomi’s alley<3 and I wished I could hang out more with all of you + my friends who visited…;v;



@kholoodfantasy aaah kholood was a shock to me loool, I had no idea she was coming, let alone be in the same alley as me. yazeenkom entow 9ej estnast eni sheftkom, akheeran! *0*


Who doesn’t love @fatoomworld? The answer is no one! Fatoom is the definition of sweetness ;v;



Had the pleasure to meet the so very kind @asamiart she even let me borrow a marker pen from her loool so helpful & sweet<3



Thoughtful gifts by my adorable friends!! ;v; Thank you<333



Tips for participating at the artist alley:

  • If it were your first time at a convention, I suggest you go as a visitor first and join the next year with a group. When you are in a group, you can take turns watching the table, and enjoy the con as well.
  • Don’t skip breakfast, you’ll be a zombie. XD;
  • Don’t put out figures you aren’t going to sell. Many wanted to buy the display figures and were disappointed that they weren’t for sale.
  • Unless they are fan art, prints don’t sell as much as useful merchandise.
  • People love t-shirts, especially fan-art. Also, artbooks and manga!
  • Support your artist colleagues! It’s not a competition, it means a lot when fellow artists visit and comment on your work especially that they are in the same boat as you and see things from an artistic point of view.
  • Don’t make your merchandise too pricey, this is comic con and not an art gallery the con goers are not loaded with cash. But also, not too cheap! Especially the manga (that goes to you ENIOS, SHAMA, AYAM LAWL) < still shocked by the extremely low prices.
  • Have fun XD



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  • Sherifa

    “My first customer at the con”
    I liked how specific you were “at the con”

    looks like you had a lot of fun and gooood tips <3

    • maha

      HAHA XD eee in the con rofl! Yep it was a wonderful experience! *v* thanks Sherifaaaa<333

  • himechama

    Wow! It seems you had a great time in the artcon. 😀 I enjoyed seeing the guestbook drawings with your lovely comments. <3 I'm sure your comments will be helpful for people who are planning to attend the artcon next year.*_*

    • maha

      Yes ;v; Hope you will be from those attending the con next year, and hope i do too XD<333

  • Moony

    my drawing is the first x/////x! I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU MOOH!! I wish I was more of help to you during the con > stalker….

    I love the tips! so useful and true! hahaha everyone is commenting about the price but we wanted to get our mangas to everyone XD next year enshallah better products and more realistic pricing XD

    I wanted you to draw for me bas esta7ait mashallah you had a never ending stack of sketch books to draw on hahaha xD next year I’ll ask you to draw as soon as you finish setting up your table 😛

    See you soon enshallah <3